Yoga Outfits for Moms


Moms love yoga pants, and you don’t have to do yoga to appreciate their comfort and flexibility. Chasing toddlers, running errands, and running the family are mom chores that are their own workout, so many moms invest in yoga pants even when they don’t have time to do yoga. Yoga clothiers have responded to the demand for these comfortable workout clothes by designing cute styles and introducing cool new patterns.

In style for 2017 has been clothing that moms and other wearers can use for different purposes. As athleisure wear has caught on outside of the yoga studio, the clothing has become versatile enough to wear even in the office or on a night on the town. So finding good yoga outfits for the wear and tear we face everyday is easier than ever before!

Here are a some items and ensembles for your busy everyday lifestyle:

Zella, by Nordstrom

This line is both stylish and practical, with styles for moms, as well as their daughters (imagine a mommy and me day for your little girl!). Match the racerback tank with the capri pants, or the melange tank with the running skort, for a sporty look that moves with you every day!

Rib Pants with Scoop-Back Tank

A trip around the Internet found this ensemble that proves moms can be sexy and chic, as well as functional! The scoop-back tank really sets it off, especially with the criss-cross from the sports bra used here. This is a great summer outfit because it’s so ventilated.

Cool Colors

The best thing that’s happened to yoga clothes in 2017 is the expansion into new colors. This baby-blue outfit is great for a day of errands or a day at the beach. Check out how the contour lines on this outfit really help define the model’s shape. The wool lace overcoat is a touch of personal flair. The sports bra can be a bralet if the bare midriff scares you away.

Relaxing in Comfortable Fabrics

Many yoga outfits, especially pants, are made of fabrics that feel like a cloud around your legs. One reason moms love yoga clothes is because they’re so comfortable for moving in, but also for relaxing in. Many moms are still wearing yoga ensembles while the kids are at school or long after they’ve gone to bed. Yoga clothes are as much for relaxing with a good book or a favorite actor as they are for downward dog!

Bold Prints

Whether you like flowers, tropical foliage, or something a little more esoteric, there are lots of prints and patterns so that every mom can find one she likes! This year in yoga clothes has changed the game from the stereotypical black yoga pant that has been made fun of so often on social media. With bright colors and prints representing everything under the sun, yoga pants have gone from pain and functional to gorgeous and practical.

Moms everywhere love to be comfortable, no matter what they’re doing. Whether chasing a toddler or chasing a bargain, these yoga outfits can make moms look good while doing it!

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