Your Fashion First Aid Kit

Quick fixes for when fashion disasters strike! 
Here’s a scenario experienced by many (i.e. us) a hundred times over: in a single day, we can get a splash of salad dressing on our silk blouse, huge perspiration rings that bear testament to the out-of-service elevator, and look on helplessly as our pant hem comes undone, stiletto heel obliges. All this, just when we had bravely chosen to wear our most vertiginous–and least comfortable–shoes! For the times when our impeccable morning look quickly turns messy, take stock of our tips to save the day.


Clumsy becomes her!
Come lunch time, we simply can’t resist anything that comes with sauce. A dripping sandwich on Monday, salad seasoned with aromatic oil on Tuesday, spaghetti bolognese on Wednesday… In sum, a stain for every day of the week!Here, laundry giants come to our rescue; it’s their area of expertise, after all! We always carry an instant stain remover in our purse. (Click here to discover our favourite). As soon as the stain appears, first remove any excess of the offending food using a dry towel, and then apply a healthy dose of stain remover. Then, taking extra care not to damage the fabric, lightly rub the disaster zone with said towel, until the result is almost satisfactory.Once home, we quickly remove the damaged piece of clothing and we add an additional dose of the stain remover, and we make sure it penetrates deep into the fibres. And into the laundry machine it goes!


Excessive perspiration
We’re not all created equal before the phenomenon known as excessive sweating. But whatever our perspiration flow, we’ve all been through a day, at one time or another, when our morning deodorant application proved insufficient. And what have we learned? Always carry a deodorant stick in our handbag. But we can do better.During summer heat waves, when we fully know an activity or other will lead us outdoors (fetching a vanilla ice cream cone on our lunch break, for example), we dress accordingly. Thus, tops with ample dark colours, made with natural fabrics, are in. But, above all, we do away with the untrustworthy tip of sticking tissue paper or sanitary napkins under our arms. Do know that protective wings, specifically designed to absorb sweat before it reaches the fabric, do exist; you can even get your hands on them online, at!If excessive sweating too often puts a damper on your parade, don’t hesitate to consult a medical professional, doctor, or pharmacist. Either one will have the tools to help you out!

An upsetting tear
Although sometimes our entourage will be quick to call our attention to them, some of the tears on our clothes appear out of nowhere, whereas others make a ripping sound, leaving no doubt in our minds. Whatever their degree of severity, they are always a source for frustration.Since we’ve experience the latter scenario more times than we can count, a sewing kit follows us everywhere we go on those crazy days. Thread and needles are reserved for mending dangling buttons. As for safety pins, the latter enable us to bring the extremities of a tear in a thick and robust fabric, like denim, closer together. For light and delicate fabrics, it’s best to use a few strips of clear tape, which we apply on the inside of our garment. Everyone else will be none the wiser!

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