Your Guide to Gorgeous Eyes –

Your Guide to Gorgeous Eyes

3 unique shapes, 3 different looks
Eyes are the windows to the soul, so the saying goes, but they’re also a main focal point of our face, and can be a great opportunity to play with different colours and looks. Eye makeup can be used to emphasise features you like, or enhance a feature you wish you had more of. To demonstrate just how much difference a little bit of eye makeup can make, we enlisted the help of three colleagues and applied basic liner, mascara, and shadow.

The perfect smokey eye

Our first lovely volunteer wanted something relatively simple, but glamorous for a night out. We went for a bit of a smokey look to play up her stunning, almond-shaped eyes. We lined her upper lid, going with the lovely shape she had, and applied a silver at the brow line and corner to brighten her outer eye, and then blended grey with charcoal in the crease and out towards the edge to add some drama without making it look too dark. With the almond-shaped eye and the nice size of the upper lid, you have a great opportunity to play up the crease between the upper and lower lids. To do this best, work with a light or natural tone (like the silver here), and pick a dark shade in the crease, with an in-between shade to blend.

For an office-appropriate look

Our second young lady has large eyes and a very fair complexion, and wanted a day look that would suit both, and not look too dramatic for the office. We started by lining her eyes at the waterline, and then extending the line onto the upper lid, and winging it out just a bit to really make her eyes pop! We then added a matte cream colour shadow to the brow bone, corner of the eye, and underneath the bottom waterline to give her a bright, wide-awake look.
We followed that up with a neutral, warm-based brown in the crease and brought it up, following the line of her eyeliner to give some definition to the eye crease; this helps create depth. While the dark liner provides the initial focus, the neutral eye shadow serves to give a little bit of definition to the eye, as well as to soften the liner’s dramatic look.

A bright and bold gaze

Our third candidate is our gorgeous expectant mother. During pregnancy, we don’t always have as many fun wardrobe options, so it can be fun to change up your look in other ways. In this case, we chose to take some inspiration from spring trends and go for bold! We went for a very dark liner that really plays up the beautiful shape of her eye. Next, like our other candidates, we brought in a light hue to play up the brow bone, inside eye and, in this case, create the look of a larger lower lid by lining the eye in white, above the dark liner. Since we really wanted a bold look, we used a bright matte white.  We then went with a highly-pigmented pink shade with a cool base to really complement her complexion, and play up the contrast with her dark eyes and hair.

Each look is very different, but they each follow the same principles: 1) always line with the shape of your eye, 2) highlight the brow bone and inside corner to brighten the eye, and 3) stick to eye shadows with a base colour that complements your skin tone. Stick to these three basics, and you can pull off a multitude of different looks that still play up your gorgeous features!

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