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[photo]-Perfect Fragrances for Spring

Perfect Fragrances for Spring

We get down to the olfactory task
Spring’s knocking at our door. As our skirt hems are getting shorter, we’re revamping our beauty routines, and running to the fragrance counter to treat ourselves to a new scent. Since our perfumes help define our personalities, as well as our style, it goes without saying that we place great importance on the selection process. And since it’s the season of love, we’ll make sure to choose a scent our many suitors won’t likely forget. 
For the smoky-eyed seductress in a LBD
In the category of fragrances worthy of grand soirées lies an array of enchanting bottles with powdery or spicy notes that top off a look with utmost grace. We adopt these fragrances in grand dame fashion, and make sure to spritz them on light.
1. The One Desire by Dolce&Gabbana, $139 (75mL) at The Bay.
2. Just by Just Cavalli, $66 (50mL) at The Bay and Sephora.
3. Red Door Aura by Elizabeth Arden, $60 (50mL) at Pharmaprix and Shopper's Drug Mart.
For the coquettish girl in a flounced skirt
The cheerful girl whose sole desire is to spread joy around her should turn to sweeter floral and fruity fragrances.  Perfectly glamorous, the scents below get the award for freshest fragrances. Moreover, the bottles alone are enough to make us smile.
4. Guess Girl, $60 (50mL) at Sears.
5. OH, LOLA! by Marc Jacobs, $79 (50mL) at The Bay, Sephora and Murale.
6. Aura by Swarovski, $96 (75mL) at Swarovski stores and select The Bay locations.
For the sophisticated gal with bold jewellery
You know the girl who, whether she sports loafers or the trendiest trench coat, always looks perfect? Well, this girl has a classic yet unique scent. The bold fragrances below set themselves apart by fresh and chic scents.

7. Monsillage by Harricana by Mariouche, $95 (50mL) online.
8. My Little Chloés by Chloé, $48 (20mL) at The Bay and Sephora.
9. Body Tender by Burberry, $82 (60mL) at Sears and Holt Renfrew.
For the rosy-cheeked gal in a pastel shirt
We uncompromisingly love feminine fragrances. Certain scents inarguably make us feel like princesses. And others call to mind flower petals and have us seeing life through pink-coloured glasses. Feeling down? You’ll want to adopt the ones below ASAP!  
10. Fabulous by Victoria’s Secret, $58 (50mL) at Victoria’s Secret.
11. Couture LA LA by Juicy Couture, $80 (50mL) at Pharmaprix and Shopper's Drug Mart and at The Bay.
12. Jimmy Choo, $63 (50mL) at Pharmaprix and Shopper's Drug Mart and Murale.



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