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[photo]-Bridal Beauty 101

Bridal Beauty 101

The low-down on wedding day glam, straight from the pros
On her wedding day, the bride is inarguably the center of attention. Snapped alongside her groom, bridesmaids, and family and friends, her look on that momentous occasion will be immortalized, and one she’ll look back on with pride and joy. Hence, looking her very best is of paramount importance for the walk down the aisle… and the celebration to follow! Whether you go at it alone or enlist the help of a professional makeup artist to put your best look forward, as with any other glamorous occasion, there are a few essential things to consider. For the 411 on bridal beauty, from makeup dos and don’ts, to foolproof picture-perfect hairstyles, we spoke with Brittany Gray, owner of premier Toronto-based makeup artistry company, Fancy Face. Here’s what the artist from one of the most sought-after glam squads had to say.

For the big day, should a bride opt for a timeless, classic look or go all out?
“I think it’s really important for a bride to stay extremely true to herself.  I think things can become confusing for a bride when she’s trying to please different members of her family and friends. Sometimes, brides tend to put on a show, and tend to go over the top with the hair and makeup, and look back on the photos and regret their choices. For the most part, I always like to sit down with the bride during the trial run and get an idea of who they are as a person. Sometimes, I get them to send me photos of themselves at an event in the past where they thought they looked really great, and I always try to sway them towards that [look]. I do think that sticking with a classic bridal look is always really nice, but you should always put yourself into the look as well. You want to be a heightened version of yourself on your wedding day.”  

What are some of the hottest bridal beauty looks for spring-summer 2013?
“I think it’s all about really fresh skin; not over-powdered, [and] really sort of dewy. Highlighting the cheekbones and different areas of the face is going to be really popular, just to catch the light in the photos without making you look overly shiny. In terms of lip colour, I think it’ll be really trendy for brides to have more of a coral pop or a pinky sort of pop on the lips, to make them look really fresh and awake, especially when brides have gone through all of the stress of preparing for the wedding day. It’s really important to use a pop of colour on the lips, and maybe have more of a natural eye with some eyeliner to define the lash line. I’m noticing a huge shift over from strip eyelashes to individual eyelashes. They form your natural eye shape. They look unbelievably natural, and give your eye a real pop.”
What are some foolproof and timeless wedding day hairstyles? 

“I always sway my brides towards a less-coiffed sort of look. I think that precise sleek look is not so trendy anymore. I think it’s really beautiful when a bride has that big glamorous dress, lots of jewelry, and their makeup done, and has a soft, tousled look to the hair—an undone sort of feeling. A lot of brides are into wearing their hair down. I love that. It’s so beautiful in photos. Always try to take the hair off the face even if you want it down so that no matter at what angle they’re taking pictures of you, they’re going to catch your face.”

Is it difficult to style a bride with short hair, and what options are available to women sporting short ‘dos on the big day?
“For shorter styles, I actually find it a bit easier. I feel that person is really clear on what hairstyles they like. It’s usually a bit more structured to their face, and it’s usually very stylish on them. I do think incorporating hairpieces, like a little vintage brooch or a birdcage veil, is a really unique and interesting way to dress up the hair without having a really intricate hairstyle.”


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