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[photo]-Our Favourite Self-Tanners

Our Favourite Self-Tanners

A fake tan is in for summer!
There was a time when tanning beds were all the rage—yikes! Then there were tanning oils that, with a little sun, would speed up the tanning process—double yikes! These days, beautistas who care about their skin are heading to the self-tanner aisle. While most women might avoid this section, yours truly—who knows her way around the miracle product department—decided to check out the latest goods on the market. A nice, dark tan is out there somewhere!

St. Tropez
Self Tan Bronzing Mousse
Results: A superb golden tan, ideal for naturally dark or tanned skin.
Fragrance: Not too strong, nor too offensive. The fragrance doesn’t linger on your skin.
Application: Includes applicator mittsfor easy application and zero stains on your hands. The formula is dark, so make sure you apply the mousse evenly—otherwise, you may get patches!
Verdict: The crème de la crème of self-tanners! Lauren Conrad, Jennifer Aniston, Alessandra Ambrosio and other stars give it a thumbs-up because it makes you look like you just spent a few days on the beach. Our top pick!
$40 (120mL), at Hudson’s Bay and Sephora.

Victoria’s Secret Self-Tanning Tinted Cooling Gel
Results: Vitamin-enriched for a golden glow. Best of all, you get instant results!
Fragrance: While the fragrance was nothing to write home about, the gel does contain Monoi oil and pure avocado oil—an amazing combination!
Application: The pump lets you control the amount of cool, moisturizing gel you get.
Verdict: It’s hard not to love anything made by VS. A great choice in terms of self-tanners—we dig it!
$14 in stores.

Tinted Self-Tanning Body Mist
Results: A bright, natural-looking tan.
Fragrance: A touch of the tropics—love it!
Application: Quick and easy to apply—great for days when you’re in a hurry.
Verdict: Amazing in terms of price, results, and application. We also love the spray format and the ultra-light texture that virtually melts into your skin.
$14 in stores.

Hawaiian Tropic
Island Radiance Self Tanner – Medium Crème Lotion
Results: A subtle but glowing tan.
Fragrance: The ultimate blend of coconut + tropical + Monoi!
Application: The light colour of this creamy moisturizer is easy on the eyes. Apply as you would your regular moisturizer, or add to your daily routine.
Verdict: A classic! We only have good things to say about this magic potion that has the power to transport you to a tropical beach.
$10.99 in drugstores


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