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Sonic Cleansing

published April 18, 2013
There’s been lots of talk about Clarisonic—the brush that deeply cleanses skin. Oprah raved about it, celebs love it—so what’s all the fuss about? Well, dearest readers, we’ve finally cracked the code, and we’re hooked, too! You simply apply your cleanser (cream, gel, oil) and enjoy a 60-second sonic massage, timed to cover all zones, which boosts cleansing action sixfold! How does it work? The brush uses micro-massage motion, oscillating back and forth, removing all traces of makeup, oil, and impurities trapped within pores. The result is soft, radiant skin perfectly prepped for serums and creams. Simply put, your skin will feel noticeably better. You can choose the brush that’s best suited to your skin type (normal, sensitive, deep pore, etc.), and it’s very easy to clean, not to mention waterproof—so you can keep it in the shower. Yes, we’re digging it (or should we say, our skin is?)
The Clarisonic Mia, $175 at
Sonic Cleansing
Sonic Cleansing


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Caroline Élie
Caroline Élie
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