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[photo]-Supporting a Loved One with Breast Cancer

Supporting a Loved One with Breast Cancer

Being diagnosed with breast cancer, or any other potentially life-threatening disease, is a hard blow for anyone. When you find out that someone dear to you has an illness, whether they are a family member or a close friend, you’ll want to be there... Read >>
[photo]-Healthy Breast Exercises

Healthy Breast Exercises

To set the record straight: Exercise cannot change the shape, size and firmness of your breasts as they are made up of mostly fatty tissue; not muscle. But, by training the area underneath them (the Pectoral Muscle) you can provide your breasts with... Read >>
[photo]-Breast Cancer and Your Libido

Breast Cancer and Your Libido

It goes without saying that a breast cancer diagnosis is a difficult trial for any woman—her physical, psychological, and even sexual well-being can all be affected. is here to help you learn about how to counteract the effects of illness... Read >>
[photo]-Cancer-Fighting Cuisine

Cancer-Fighting Cuisine

Research has shown there are certain foods that can help prevent the growth of cancerous cells, and even reduce tumor size. has four delicious recipes for you to try, each containing well-known cancer-fighting foods. Get cooking and whip up... Read >>
[photo]-10 Ways to Cut Your Cancer Risk

10 Ways to Cut Your Cancer Risk

1. Butt Out Already!   It’s not at all surprising that researchers blame tobacco use for 30 percent of cancer deaths in Canada. Aside from lung cancer, smoking can raise your risk of oral cancers, as well as kidney, pancreatic cancer and... Read >>
[photo]-Pink Makeup Passion: Lips & Cheeks

Pink Makeup Passion: Lips & Cheeks

This fall, all shades of pink are making a comeback on lips, and cheeks—not to mention it’s the perfect hue to show your support in honour of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Check out our favourite pink makeup picks!   Pink on... Read >>
[photo]-Cut Your Cancer Risk

Cut Your Cancer Risk

While it is true that the development of cancer is related to genetic material, the disease can be avoided by healthy eating. Find out what to consume and what to cut back on to diminish your risk. Eat a Rainbow We really mean a rainbow of fruits and... Read >>
[photo]-Famous Breast Cancer Survivors

Famous Breast Cancer Survivors

Every year, beast cancer affects 1.3 millions women worldwide (American Cancer Society), and certainly the ladies of film, music and fashion are not immune to this disease. Below are five courageous women who have battled breast cancer and shared their... Read >>
[photo]-Important Breast Changes

Important Breast Changes

Monthly breast self-exams play a key role in the early detection of breast cancer; they help you get familiar with your breasts and make sure you notice if any changes arise. But what kind of changes should you be looking for? Read on to find out.   Changes... Read >>
[photo]-Shop for the Cause

Shop for the Cause

In honour of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, many companies large and small are doing their part to help raise funds by offering “pink” products with proceeds going to various breast cancer-related charities and foundations. Why not pick up... Read >>
[photo]-Exercise to Prevent Breast Cancer

Exercise to Prevent Breast Cancer

We all know the benefits that regular exercise has on our health, but did you know that it can go as far as to prevent certain illnesses such as breast cancer? There are some risk factors, like genetics and age, that you can’t do anything about;... Read >>
[photo]-Talking to Kids about Breast Cancer

Talking to Kids about Breast Cancer

Telling people you have a serious illness is never easy, but it can be especially hard when it comes to your children. Should you be upfront with them? Should you go into detail about the disease? Read on for tips on addressing the topic with them.   1.... Read >>
[photo]-Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines

Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines

Since so many types of cancers are now curable when found at early stages, having regular physical exams and screening tests is critical. Here's what you need to know about breast cancer screening.   Keep in mind that screening guidelines are... Read >>
[photo]-2008 Breast Cancer Events

2008 Breast Cancer Events

With Breast Cancer Awareness Month right around the corner, cities across Canada are taking part in raising money and awareness. Find out what’s being held in your neck of the woods and how you can take part!   National National Dress Down... Read >>
[photo]-The Anti-Cancer Diet

The Anti-Cancer Diet

It’s increasingly clear that certain dietary elements may help promote the development and spread of malignancies, while others slow or block tumour growth. Researchers estimate that at least 35 percent of all cancers may be related to diet, especially... Read >>
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