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Fashion Victim Hunters
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wrote at 12:43 pm
April 24, 2008
Yes seeing a MAN especially this way is a total turn off but the same goes for women!!!!!!!!!!! Just DON`T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!
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wrote at 4:01 pm
April 15, 2008
Socks and sandals just do not go!! My Mom does that and try to explain to a woman who is 60 that is not hip... LOL
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wrote at 7:13 pm
April 10, 2008
ok, i know i havnt been in the group for a while.. but i have to say this... I myself was a fasion victim this past month.. oh.. did it look bad.. but alas i didnt care until now.. and i can laugh and cringe at the same time. i had my black dress capri pants on and i ended up having to go out.. so i threw on socks and my black and army print running shoes on and i threw on a turtle neck sweater.. lime green.. yuck.. it was the first thing i could find in the closet.. oh did it look bad..
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wrote at 10:39 am
March 31, 2008
Worst fashion faux pas??? In my opinion its wearing pj bottom pants out in public... I`ve seen this `non` trend happening a lot this winter in my town, and it makes me shake my head. No one needs to know that you like tweety bird and i`m absolutely positive that no one who designed UGG`s (or the various varieties of look a likes) thought that people would be tucking their pj bottoms into them and walking out the door...
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wrote at 6:26 pm
March 1, 2008
I aways notice the way people are dressed. I work at a university so there is tremendous variety of styles, not all to my taste, but then I'm quite a bit older than the students. I'd look a bit ridiculous dressing like a twenty something. Having said that, I will never understand socks with sandals or buying clothes that already have holes. ps I love Stacy and Clinton; good advise regardless of size.
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