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Fashion Victim Hunters
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wrote at 11:39 pm
November 20, 2007
Hello Everyone... I don't sign in too often but when I do I love reading what you all have to say. You are absolutely correct Karebear, the teens are insane wearing those short skirts in this cold weather but I have to remind myself that I was a teen once (oooh, so long ago) LOL. The price we pay for fashion! Is it just me or do we all remember our own Mothers telling us that we were going to freeze? No stockings, boots, hats, scarves, open coat... I have an 18 year old niece and many times I have to stop myself from sounding just like my mother. There's that old adage that says sooner or later we all become our mothers, ouch!!! And suspenders, love them! Too bad I am 53 years old otherwise I would attempt to wear them together with black pants and a crisp white shirt. Unfortunately, I don't think I could pull it off. LOL
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wrote at 5:30 pm
November 20, 2007
I have yet to figure out why the teen girls wear their uniform skirt soooo high you can see their underwear from the back...AND... it`s freezing these days and they have bare legs. Insanity I tell you!! :-)
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wrote at 4:37 pm
November 14, 2007
Hee`re too funny carolie!
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wrote at 7:20 pm
November 13, 2007
I think I would...suspenders were always fun! But as i get older i think it's less for fashion and more for holding my pants up lol
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wrote at 4:41 pm
November 13, 2007 I saw an outfit that took me back to the 80`s but I`m not sure it was all that bad...SUSPENDERS!! Remember when we wore them but didn`t put the straps over the shoulders, just left them hanging... well this woman actually wore them properly today and it looked good! Hmmm... but would I dare ware suspenders again? Would you?
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