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wrote at 8:16 am
October 18, 2007
Parents give their children way too much control...they have to start taking it back. There is nothing wrong with controlling what your kids wear. We are not their friends when they are young, we are their leaders. My girls are all grown up now and they are my best friends. but when they were young i was their boss, their parent, their guide. There were more times than i can count that they didn't like me...I was okay with that. I would rather them not like me for a couple days then be out in the streets looking cheap and easy. They are in their early 20's now and could wear whatever they want and guess what? They choose to look decent. It was worth every arguement.
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wrote at 11:20 pm
October 17, 2007
Hello Ladies Carolie, you are definitely right about the self respect aspect as there doesn't seem to be any with the young girls these days. They actually feel that it is no big deal to be showing half of their butt when leaning over. But it all comes down to proper parenting and teaching their daughters (and sons) about self respect and morals and checking what their children are wearing. Unfortunately, as far as I can see it seems as though parents want to be friends with their children and don't want them to mad. Personally I feel that they need to be parents first and use some dicipline, they can be friends with their children when they become adults. I hope that I am not sounding too, too harsh but geez, I look around at most of the teenagers today and they are totally out of control with no respect for anyone or anything. Sorry for venting but sometimes it just irks me to see these teenagers without any role models in their lives. I know that times things changed (and some for the better) but there was absolutely nothing wrong with being brought up with a little strictness and the parents being in control.
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wrote at 8:13 pm
October 17, 2007
definetly time factor ... :o) :o)
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wrote at 7:50 pm
October 17, 2007
Carolie, you should see some of the young girls here.
They dress like H double O kers. It`s a shame. If I lived in the big city I would honestly think they were. Large girls dress in too tight pants and too tight belly shirts...a sure fire fashion mishap. I don`t know what they could be thinking. And the teeny tiny girls hardly wear anything at all. I just don`t remember stuff like that when I was their age. Either times have changes or I`m getting old. I prefer to think it`s the time factor!!!!!!!
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wrote at 8:03 am
October 17, 2007
My good friend owns 3 clubs in the Niagara Region...Occasionally they would have a teenage night and not serve alcohol...These girls would come into the club with big sweaters on and track pants and then take them off to reveal skimpy little clothes underneath. Their parents didn`t have a clue. LOL My daughters would get so mad at me because I wouldn`t let them pull that over on me...I would always take a look under their sweats...(they are happy with me now that I did that, they both have a lot of respect for their own bodies and what they wear).
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