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Browse hundreds of interesting and informative articles on health, yoga, relaxation, stress relief, overall well-being and disease prevention, from the common cold and flu to breast cancer and osteoporosis.

[photo]-5 Things He’ll Love in Bed

5 Things He’ll Love in Bed

Let’s talk about his satisfaction Even though your beau is perfectly content with what goes on between the sheets, who doesn’t enjoy a little experimentation? After all, letting the heat slowly (but surely) rise, isn’t that hotter?... Read >>
[photo]-Pumpkin Carving Alternatives

Pumpkin Carving Alternatives

6 unique ways to glam-up your gourd A carved pumpkin is a very traditional décor option for Halloween night and serves its purpose. However, those bright orange gourds can also be decked out in a whole slew of creative ways to give them a new... Read >>
[photo]-We Tried It: CoolSculpting

We Tried It: CoolSculpting

Transform your body without going near a scalpel She tried it; here’s what CoolSculpting—a new sensation in body treatments—did for our special correspondent. Find out all about her adventure at the Dermapure clinic in Montreal.   What... Read >>
[photo]-Staying Stylish at the Gym

Staying Stylish at the Gym

For the sporty fashionista Nope, we will not be daunted by the cold weather, and will not hunker down at home until Christmas! After all, there’s nothing better to help restore our energy with a light jog outdoors, or taking on a new activity... Read >>
[photo]-Halloween Makeup Pinspiration

Halloween Makeup Pinspiration

4 darkly inspiring looks + products Halloween is one of our favourite excuses to really get our creativity flowing and experiment with bold, colourful makeup. In case you need a bit of inspiration for creating a look this October 31, we took to Pinterest... Read >>
[photo]-How to Save Money on Your Everyday Grocery Shopping

How to Save Money on Your Everyday Grocery Shopping

3 tips to save money on your shopping list According to Statistics Canada, food expenditures now account for 10% of Canadians’ total average expenditures. With such a large part of household budgets going toward groceries and staple food prices... Read >>
[photo]-Long Live Sweater Weather

Long Live Sweater Weather

Originally fashioned out of natural wool and worn by fishermen and sailors to guard against the cold, the sweater has evolved into the fall garment par excellence for looking stylish all the while keeping warm. Our fashion columnist traces the history... Read >>
[photo]-Food: Back to Pasta

Food: Back to Pasta

A short history of Barilla It’s true, I’ve just come back from Italy: at the time of writing this article, I’ve been back for less than a week. People had warned me before I went: “You’re going to eat tonnes of pasta!”... Read >>
[photo]-Makeup: Pink is the New Nude

Makeup: Pink is the New Nude

The shadows of the season Have you noticed fall’s pink shadows? Whether worn on your cheeks or eyelids, their effect is like an instant burst of radiance. And what of the girlish look they help you achieve? So refreshing! Here are our recommendations... Read >>
[photo]-We ♥: Winter Coats + Accessories

We ♥: Winter Coats + Accessories

Totally trendy winter pairings We know, we know… The last thing you want to do think about is the looming winter. But all fashionistas know that now’s the time to buy the perfect winter coat and accompanying accessories.  Not only... Read >>
[photo]-We ♥: Healthy Halloween Snacks

We ♥: Healthy Halloween Snacks

6 inspired + frightening ideas With Halloween fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking of thematic snacks to prepare for your little monsters. And since we don’t want to give them too many sweets—they’ll be getting a good... Read >>
[photo]-The Perfect Shave: 6 Finds for Him

The Perfect Shave: 6 Finds for Him

Grooming essentials for the man in your life As your man gears up for Movember next month, you’re probably anticipating the day the beard will come off. (Unless he’s the kind of guy who can pull off a beard. If so, stay scruffy, gents!)... Read >>
[photo]-Superfoods for Fall

Superfoods for Fall

3 fruits + veggies that are more than just tasty While much of the animal kingdom is preparing to hibernate (a seasonal custom that most humans envy), we are taking measures to boost our immune systems for the cold months ahead. We suggest you start... Read >>
[photo]-False Lashes: A Step-By-Step Application Guide

False Lashes: A Step-By-Step Application Guide

Our instructions for a sexy gaze! After a number of encounters with ladies who were intimidated by false lashes, we decided to tackle false lash application this month.  False lashes don’t have to be overly dramatic, and come in a number... Read >>
[photo]-Not All Moms Fall in Love at First Sight

Not All Moms Fall in Love at First Sight

One mother's story There are all kinds of secrets. There are the ones you cultivate jealously in your secret garden, and the smaller ones you reveal to share the burden. And then, there are the big ones: the winter secrets that hurt a little more,... Read >>
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