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Browse hundreds of interesting and informative articles on health, yoga, relaxation, stress relief, overall well-being and disease prevention, from the common cold and flu to breast cancer and osteoporosis.

[photo]-Bone Loss Prevention

Bone Loss Prevention

The low-down on your skeletal health Bone health: it’s not something most women below a certain age tend to think about. Bone diseases like osteoporosis seem so far away, and yet, it is approximately at the age of 30 that bone mass stops growing,... Read >>
[photo]-4 New Mascaras to Try

4 New Mascaras to Try

On our lashes this winter Choosing mascara is a question of taste, and luckily, this season’s offering in terms of the newest tubes is as varied as we ladies are different from one another. Here’s our guide to making the right choice in... Read >>
[photo]-Health Benefits of Eggs

Health Benefits of Eggs

Enjoying them during breakfast + beyond! Eggs: they’re a tasty breakfast option, and a versatile ingredient when it comes to cooking and baking. But are they healthy? That’s the question many people tend to ask themselves, so we spoke with... Read >>
[photo]-Chic Last-Minute Hairstyles

Chic Last-Minute Hairstyles

Sweet ‘dos and ideas for the holidays and beyond Although we love the holiday season, it’s definitely one of the busier times of the year. So it’s no surprise that we’re often stuck getting ready for a party or gathering in a... Read >>
[photo]-Oysters 101

Oysters 101

What you need to know for shucking oysters at home Oysters are one of those decadent bites we tend to save for ‘raw’ bars, but learning a few simple things can make it a sensuous snack at home. These tasty live morsels from the sea can be... Read >>
[photo]-Fashion: A Year in Review

Fashion: A Year in Review

From Apple’s foray into the luxury fashion market to John Galliano’s appointment as creative director of the house of Martin Margiela, it was an eventful year in fashion. Our columnist takes a look back at the stories that made headlines... Read >>
[photo]-To Co-Sleep or Not to Co-Sleep?

To Co-Sleep or Not to Co-Sleep?

We weigh the pros and cons Mothers whose newborns sleep through the night during the first six months are rare. Certain women wake up two, four, even six times during the night. For many others, particularly those who breastfeed, those first few months... Read >>
[photo]-Travel Must-Haves for Any Trip

Travel Must-Haves for Any Trip

Don’t hit the road without these stylish essentials Are you going on a trip? Good! Since we often dream of going on our own little getaway, we’ve put our organizational skills to use to bring you a list of essential clothes and accessories... Read >>
[photo]-Jamaica: A Culinary Journey

Jamaica: A Culinary Journey

5 delicious staples of the Caribbean island Recently, we joined the Visit Jamaica for a four-day excursion to the third-largest island in the Caribbean. While your idea of Jamaica may be sandy beaches, boozy punch and Bob Marley, the nation’s... Read >>
[photo]-7 Culinary Gift Suggestions

7 Culinary Gift Suggestions

For the foodie in your life… A food connoisseur: there’s one in every entourage. He or she is always eating, or serving food to loved ones, or always on the lookout for a new, fresh recipe. So we’ve searched high and low for great... Read >>
[photo]-7 Sexy Gift Ideas

7 Sexy Gift Ideas

To get your kink on this holiday season! Destined for those on the naughty list, here’s a selection of fun and innovative surprises to help heat things up on cold winter nights. Oh, it’ll be a Merry Christmas, indeed! 1. Bijoux Indiscrets... Read >>
[photo]-7 Techie Gifts

7 Techie Gifts

For the lover of all things gadgets! Innovative technologies, we find them by the tonne in stores! These featured below particularly make us smile, because some are fun, while others are more practical. Ranging from $15 to $200, we want them all!   1.... Read >>
[photo]-7 Gifts for the Fitness-Minded

7 Gifts for the Fitness-Minded

7 finds to get him or her moving! Some of your loved ones may soon be on holiday break, but that doesn’t mean that they’re putting their workout on hold! For the fittest among your family and friends, here are a few choice essentials they’re... Read >>
[photo]-7 Gift Ideas for the Décor Fanatic

7 Gift Ideas for the Décor Fanatic

7 finds to make them feel at-home What could be more inspiring than offering a décor piece to someone special? Chosen with great care, it’ll be one they’ll display proudly in their study, the coffee table, or even on a wall. The only... Read >>
[photo]-7 Gift Ideas for Him

7 Gift Ideas for Him

Treat your man with these great finds When Christmas rolls around and you can (finally!) find out what’s sitting underneath the tree, you really hope your sweetie will be doing lots of oohing and ahhing when he opens his present. So let’s... Read >>
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