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Are You Good at Compromise?

by Vicki Karigiannis
published December 18, 2009

In a relationship, it’s all about give-and-take. But are you the type who gives a bit too much, or who takes without a second’s thought? Take our quiz on compromise to find out!
1. You are about to head out on a first date with a guy. Where do you agree to meet him for coffee?

At a cafť near your place; no way youíre going to make the long trek across town!

You decide on a nice coffee shop halfway between your place and his.

You donít want to put him out, so you ask him to suggest a place near his apartment.

2. Your man expresses concern that your respective busy schedules leave for little one-on-one time. What do you do?

You cancel your gym membership so that you can spend more evenings with him.

You go over your work and activity schedules and see if you can fit in a day or two that are reserved for couple time.

You tell him that heíll see you when he sees you.

3. Itís the holidays, and you and your man are trying to figure out whose family to visit. Whatís your suggestion?

You tell him youíre not missing out on Christmas with the family, so you tell him he can go visit his without you.

You donít want to break his heart so you choose his family over yours.

You both sit down and figure out a schedule where you can squeeze in both family visits.

4. You have plans with the girls on Friday night, but your man has nothing on his radar for the evening. You:

Suggest he call some of his buddies, and promise some one-on-one time when you get back later.

Cancel your plans with the girls to spend the evening with your man.

Tell him itís his own fault for not planning anything sooner.

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