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La-La-Latte! (editor's pick)
By Vicki Karigiannis on 2014-03-07
A quintessentially Canadian chocolate bar, Coffee Crisp is turning 75 years young this year. It's a treat that is hard to resist, perfect for both coffee and chocolate lovers alike, what with... continue
We ♥: Healthy Snacks (article)
By Marie-Pier Alary on 2014-03-03
If often happens that time simply doesn’t allow for us to prepare healthy snacks. In such instances, we seek to find alternatives in stores, all without paying attention to the ingredients list.... continue
Some Low-Cal Snacking (editor's pick)
By Caroline Elie on 2014-02-21
Here at HQ, many of us have a sweet tooth, and not a week goes by without one of us falling into a new vice for our taste buds. Whether it's a new flavour of chips or a box of something... continue
Spooky, Scary Candy (editor's pick)
By Vicki Karigiannis on 2013-10-24
Halloween is but a mere few days away, and if you haven’t procured candy for all the trick-or-treaters headed your way on October 31st, run out and buy some now. In particular, Coffee Crisp is a... continue
Guilt-Free Salty Snacks (article)
By Vicki Karigiannis on 2013-10-17
6 healthy offerings that satisfy your craving When trying to lead a healthy and active lifestyle, reaching for a bag of chips usually isn’t the best snacking choice. Some fruit or a handful of... continue
Natural Goodness (editor's pick)
By Katia Jean Paul on 2013-10-04
Yogurt fiends: yes, that describes a lot of us here at HQ! Crazy about the dairy concoction, which has been a part of our daily diet for ages, some of us even like to indulge in a huge serving... continue
Quinoa Confection (editor's pick)
By Vicki Karigiannis on 2013-10-03
In recent years, quinoa has been the super food de rigueur for people who are trying to eat a bit healthier. From salads to veggie burgers, it has found a home in many people’s kitchens due to the... continue
Guilty Simply Pleasure (editor's pick)
By Katia Jean Paul on 2013-09-27
We must confess: most of us at divine HQ, save for a few gals of the salty persuasion, get terrible sweet cravings come mid-afternoon. Before our ever-growing list of things-to-do, more often than not,... continue
Ten Healthy Pre and Post-Workout Snacks (advertorial)
Posted on 2013-09-26
What you eat before and after your workout matters, especially if your workout is intense and lasts an hour or more.  Having a small snack that contains both carbohydrate and protein 30 to 60... continue
Simple + Healthy Snacks (article)
By Ariane Boisvert on 2013-09-13
3 recipes to curb your cravings between meals Supermarkets are filled with snacks of all kinds; sometimes, it seems like half the aisles are filled with granola bars, cookies, crackers, dips, fruit rolls,... continue