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4 Ways to Have More Fun with Your Boobs (article)
By Véronique Vincelli on 2014-09-12
It’s time to think differently about the girls! We adorn them with silk and lace, and we showcase them as we should with an über-plunging neckline, but do we really give them the attention... continue
Our Favourite Sex Positons (article)
By Marie-Pier Alary on 2014-08-15
10 poses to try tonight Did you know? has an entire repertoire of sex positions for you to attempt with sweetie! So we thought we’d present a few of our favourites, that will surely spice... continue
4 Secrets to a More Intense Orgasm (article)
By Véronique Vincelli on 2014-08-07
Did you know… The word “orgasm” comes from the Greek orgân, which means to swell, or to become ripe. A pretty accurate description, don’t you think? One thing is for certain:... continue
We ♥: Fun Condoms (article)
By Véronique Vincelli et Marie-Pier Alary on 2014-07-31
7 finds made for him + get our seal of approval!  Last week, we showed off our must-have sex toys. This time, we’re slipping condoms on for size!  Because we must admit, not only do they... continue
We ♥: Sex Toys (article)
By Véronique Vincelli and Marie-Pier Alary on 2014-07-25
8 suggestions for solo pleasure… or even for two! The world of adult toys moves fast. And we must admit that staying on top of the latest trends isn’t always easy. Lucky for you, we scoured... continue
We ♥: Summer Lingerie (article)
By Marie-Pier Alary on 2014-07-11
Our 10 must-haves for the bedroom Is there anything better than lingerie to help us feel feminine and sexy? If you spent the spring at the gym getting your body beach- ready, you’ve earned these... continue
5 Reasons to Say “Yes” to a Quickie (article)
By Véronique Vincelli on 2014-07-04
Sex, a question of preferences There are days when you want the whole shebang: holding your lover close, kissing and caressing each other, and exchanging sweet nothings all night long. And then, there... continue
4 Naughty Games for Two (article)
By Véronique Vincelli on 2014-06-13
Ideas for steamy summer foreplay Since the warm season and some R&R is good for morale (and your sex life), there’s no need to go very far to seduce your partner and spice things up in the... continue
4 Things You Didn’t Know About Masturbation (article)
By Véronique Vincelli on 2014-05-16
The benefits of self-love May is National Masturbation Month! Created in 1995 by San Francisco sex education centre Good Vibrations, this orgasmic initiative aims to remove the taboo surrounding solo... continue
4 Positions to Boost Your Sex Life (article)
By Véronique Vincelli on 2014-04-11
Try these refreshing poses this spring! Spring really played hard-to-get this year. But it’s here (at last!), and nature is slowly awakening… as are our senses. The warmer weather means... continue