A BeauTEAful Idea



Tea lovers rejoice! If you like spending a day outside in the fresh weather, you probably enjoy a warm cup of tea as well! I am a huge fan of themed subscription boxes, and this one did not let me down! Delivered directly to your house once a month, T-Surprise offers you a chance to taste various teas from boutiques around the world as well as local ones. The delicious variety is a surprise, but there are also tons of cute accessories slipped into our boxes! I found a pear-shaped infuser in mine (ihhh!). The concept is simple, all we have to do is choose which subscription we want and wait for the mailman to deliver this gem. All there is left to do is to enjoy these concoctions. The dilemma? To gift it to someone to to gift it to ourselves…

T-Surprise Box, starting from $25 online.

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