A Perfect Match


For a man to adopt a certain beauty product, it must be something that is simple. And one that can do it all, well, that is the ultimate dream. So now, Vichy is offering something new in two versions; is there danger ahead? Not at all! The only question he needs to answer: “Do I shave, or do I not?” And then, the product he chooses will moisturize and brighten his skin, but also fight the signs of aging. And for the gents who often put blade to skin will benefit from its anti-irritation properties. And for the other type of man, he’ll notice a softer beard, and skin that has been gently exfoliated. And, really, whether you have a beard or no, a dose of moisture always feels good. A definite hit with our SO!

Vichy Idealizer Frequent Shaver Multi-Action Moisturizer, $25, and 3-Day Beard and + Multi-Action Moisturizer, $29, both available in stores and online.

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