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Recently, I had to deal with an eyebrow incident where a part of my eyebrow was waxed off. I know, how terrible. So you can imagine that I was searching far and wide to find the ultimate eyebrow set that will cover up the mistake, until it grows out. I didn’t have to look to much because Sephora and Benefit had an all-in-one kit with everything you need to define, fill, and set your brows in an instant. The “Benefit Cosmetics Defined & Refined Brow Kit” includes a conditioning primer, a fine pencil, highlight, brow mapping tool, and a few tips to help you out. This kit really is a life saver and it’ll help you create the ideal shape for your face.

What I usually do is, smooth and prime my brows with the conditioning primer for fuller, healthier-looking brows. Then, create fullness and expert definition with the brow pencil ultra-fine shape. Finally, I define and finish off with a lifted look with the high brow highlight and lift pencil.

Benefit Cosmetics Defined & Refined Brow Kit From Sephora for $46.00

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