Brows All Day Long


QuoNormally, I have used my usual brow pomade, and I have tried a few brow powders. While they do go on quite well, my problem has been finding a brow powder that combines pigmentation and staying powder. Divine was graciously sent many QUO products from their fall collection, and I was pleasantly surprised by their brow palette. The changer was the wax that comes with it, (and even the small angled brush it comes in works quite well!). The wax allows the colour to stay on a lot longer and it keeps your brows in place. It is incredibly easy to apply. I don’t have to do any blending, because the medium brown is just right. If you are looking for an affordable brow product that will have pigmentation and staying powder, we highly recommend this product!

The QUO Brow Palette Raise Your Brows, $12, available exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart.

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