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Check out our archive of must-have products and useful services for mothers, expectant moms, babies, toddlers, and more.

[image]-Simply Irreplacable

Simply Irreplacable

Do you want to know our beauty trick to keep our skin well-equipped during the changing of the seasons? Well, there are many. But this mist... Read >>
[image]-Pepper Precision

Pepper Precision

Cooking is all about precision: it takes a skilled hand for this, but also, the proper tools. Enter this beauty of a pepper mill courtesy... Read >>
[image]-Waves are in Fashion

Waves are in Fashion

We’re done with drab and lifeless hair! If we could see the down, up, or braided ‘dos at fashion shows this season, we’d be hard-pressed... Read >>
[image]-Classic Meets Gritty

Classic Meets Gritty

What epitomizes Canadian winters more than a plaid wool coat? And for some of us who want an added dose of edge, look no further... Read >>
[image]-Orange Wave

Orange Wave

An everyday sweater, yes, you could say that. Just by looking at it, we vow to wear it regularly up until the spring. Made entirely of wool, and at... Read >>
[image]-A Golden Complexion

A Golden Complexion

The kind of weekend where lounging is our sole purpose—can you picture it? It was on one of those types of Sundays when we decided to... Read >>
[image]-The Ideal Grocery Basket

The Ideal Grocery Basket

Wait for it: we’ve found the most extraordinary shopping bag! Following the mass exodus of plastic grocery bags, reusable bags are now... Read >>
[image]-Spooky Beer Mug

Spooky Beer Mug

{gallery} Halloween: it's noisy and boisterous, and we simply can’t miss it! Among the large and garish decorations, this little find truly... Read >>
[image]-Secretly Sexy

Secretly Sexy

Ah, the famous garter belt! Sexy in the eyes of our sweetie, but downright uncomfortable in our opinion. So it’s no wonder Mondor... Read >>
[image]-Armani-Chic Eyes

Armani-Chic Eyes

It usually doesn’t take more than a single sweep to know whether a new tube of mascara is a keeper—not that we expected anything less... Read >>
[image]-Working the Night Shift

Working the Night Shift

While we sleep, our metabolism doesn’t. Knowing that it keeps working, our favourite scientists have developed a night cream—specifically,... Read >>
[image]-Bubbly Proposition

Bubbly Proposition

Now, who could the fabulous e-commerce site Gilt have teamed up with to introduce a few of its boldest offerings? Diet Coke, of course!... Read >>
[image]-Scented <i>Joie de Vivre</i>

Scented Joie de Vivre

There are sensual fragrances that never fail to entice sweetie, the freshest perfumes that we love wearing in the spring, or even woodsy ones that... Read >>
[image]-Cool Fall Coat

Cool Fall Coat

As you make the difficult decision to start wearing a season-appropriate coat—you’ve put it off long enough—a quality jacket that... Read >>
[image]-“Let’s Do the Time Warp Again…”

“Let’s Do the Time Warp Again…”

When news came out that MAC Cosmetics would be launching a Rocky Horror Picture Show collection in honour of the cult classic’s 40th anniversary,... Read >>
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