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Check out our archive of must-have products and useful services for mothers, expectant moms, babies, toddlers, and more.
[image]-In Your Hands

In Your Hands

She has her collection of fragrances, and now the French-Canadian personality how now launched her self-titled handbag collection. Mahée Paiement... Read >>
[image]-Soft Swirl

Soft Swirl

Spending the fall season with eos Visibly Soft Lip Balm, how does that sound? We highly recommend it because, this autumn, these new scents are simply... Read >>
[image]-Rainy Day Ally

Rainy Day Ally

Fall is here, and as we upgrade our wardrobe to more seasonal fare, our footwear choice is of particular importance. Cozy yet stylish, we need a boot... Read >>
[image]-Immaculate Cardigan

Immaculate Cardigan

On the lookout for something beautiful, soft and comfortable, this cardigan is something we wanted to slip on instantly. (We’re sure you will,... Read >>
[image]-The Cream of the Juice Crop

The Cream of the Juice Crop

It's been a while since we last tested and compared raw juice juicers. There are many available on the market at all price points, but our eyes fell... Read >>
[image]-A Spritz of Iglesias

A Spritz of Iglesias

Coinciding with his Sex and Love tour, Enrique Iglesias has unveiled his first ever fragrance: Adrenaline. And what does Enrique in a bottle... Read >>
[image]-Burst of Flavour

Burst of Flavour

A crunchy, savoury snack is usually something that hits the spot on a cool fall day. Whether at the office during the 3pm slump or at home while watching... Read >>
[image]-Rock Your Style

Rock Your Style

Like your fashion with some edge? Rudsak has just launched a new capsule collection for women and men, with 20 limited-edition pieces that are quite a... Read >>
[image]-Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction

Ah, front closure bras: we love them for the ease in which we put them on (no hand cramps!), and sweetie loves them for the quick way they can be undone.... Read >>
[image]-The Golden Touch

The Golden Touch

Another Target collab is on the horizon, and this time, it’s your home that is ready for a makeover. Interior designer Nate Berkus has teamed up... Read >>
[image]-One at a Time

One at a Time

This fall, we have eyes for eye shadows. In particular, the latest eye makeup offerings from CHANEL, which is a marriage of pink and poetry.  Ombre... Read >>
[image]-Simply Untouchable

Simply Untouchable

Because designer Eve Gravel knows how highlight women’s curves just right, and we love her charming styles with new lines. In our wardrobe this... Read >>
[image]-Draw On a Smile

Draw On a Smile

If our tube of lipstick comes in the shape of a pencil, then it only makes sense that its tip is shaped like a pencil lead! Much like you, we though... Read >>
[image]-Extra Virgin Hair Care

Extra Virgin Hair Care

We’ve often heard tell of olive oil being a great addition to one’s hair care routine, promising a shinier and softer mane.... Read >>
[image]-Black on Black on Pink

Black on Black on Pink

Black on Black on Pink   We love wearing black, the ultimate all-encompassing hue.  And it’s because we’ve made a habit of wearing... Read >>
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