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Check out our archive of must-have products and useful services for mothers, expectant moms, babies, toddlers, and more.
[image]-Writing is Child’s Play

Writing is Child’s Play

While more and more schools are no longer teaching cursive, writing by hand is still imperative, despite the digital shift in recent years.... Read >>
[image]-Urban Swimwear

Urban Swimwear

We rarely make discoveries like this: botoswimwear, a company that offers swim shorts for him, but with eye-catching fabrics and bright colours, and... Read >>
[image]-Nostalgic Tea

Nostalgic Tea

With summer almost on its way out, we’re feeling especially nostalgic for summer memories of our youth. Playing outside until dusk, road... Read >>
[image]-Student Meets Master

Student Meets Master

Maybelline wants to get you noticed with its latest creation! It is, essentially, a kohl pencil to use along the inside line of the eye, highlighting... Read >>
[image]-The Hum of Fall

The Hum of Fall

Sneakers: synonymous with comfort, they charm us easily. Want proof? It’s in this collaboration between Vans and Canadian shoe store,... Read >>
[image]-Smooth Morning

Smooth Morning

Need a healthy way to start off your day? A smoothie is usually a quick and nutritious breakfast or snack option, and the task has now been simplified... Read >>
[image]-Candy Lips

Candy Lips

Soft, hydrated lips with a touch of colour: perfect for summer lip-locking! To keep our pout looking perfectly kissable, we make sure to keep a Clinique... Read >>
[image]-Retro Mommy

Retro Mommy

Trips to the local maternity section can create quite the quandary. There you are, a fashion-forward mom-to-be, trying to reconcile... Read >>
[image]-Joining the Gucci Ranks

Joining the Gucci Ranks

If Gucci was looking to seduce us with its latest fragrance, with the lovely Blake Lively as its spokesperson, they’ve succeeded!  Gucci... Read >>
[image]-Easy Transition

Easy Transition

It’s August. We’ve come to the part of summer where it’s time to think about the transition to fall. Just think about it, okay?... Read >>
[image]-Toothbrush Upgrade

Toothbrush Upgrade

If we told you that our electric toothbrush can be charged via a USB port on our computer, would you believe us? And that, at home, it can be charged... Read >>
[image]-Up for a Challenge

Up for a Challenge

It was while preparing our most recent report on our latest waterproof makeup finds that this bottle fell into our hands. A remover for the... Read >>
[image]-Wrinkles No More!

Wrinkles No More!

When we heard that some of our favourite designers had begun using the Rowenta Roll & Press Steamer, well, we immediately wanted to give it... Read >>
[image]-Mild Cleanser, Strong Results

Mild Cleanser, Strong Results

Sometimes, for the greatest effect, something so simple can do the trick. Such as your skincare routine: you may believe that your face requires... Read >>
[image]-Modern Mommy

Modern Mommy

Finding lingerie that makes you feel sexy and comfortable during pregnancy, and right after baby arrives can be a challenge. Recently, however, two... Read >>
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