Caring for Our Four-Legged Friends –

Caring for Our Four-Legged Friends


We just love our little furry animals, don’t we? Because family is important and our pets are certainly part of it, it is natural to value their health and allow them to grow and live in a hygienic environment. The arrival of the cold season is always a complicated time for my pet and I. Let me explain; I own a West Highland terrier. You know those white dogs that have that mischievous look? I have to admit, they are incredibly adorable! However, maintaining its fur is mandatory and demanding, especially during the winter time. Therefore, we wash them more often, but then certain products are too aggressive and often produce some skin problems (hello vicious cycle)!

ATTITUDE_INTERNALI recently discovered ATTITUDE, which is a line of natural and local pet grooming products. They are made with reassuring ingredients and absolutely no carcinogens, mutagens or reproductive toxins. They are hypoallergenic (which is essential for Sparky’s sensitive skin), and I was also pleasantly surprised by the emanating fragrance: a subtle, exotic mix of coconut and lime, all coming from natural ingredients.I approve, and so does my little clawed friend!


ATTITUDE Furry Friends natural pet care products, between $6,99 and $12,99, online and at selected retailers.


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