Cheating the Gel Manicure? Easy.



There are people who feel naked when they don’t wear nail polish, and I must confess I’m part of this group. I can’t leave the house without taking time to select the hue that best reflects my mood, but I am not, however, one of those people who has a special relationship with their manicurist. Yes, I can explain – it’s just that I find it simply im-pos-sible to commit to the same colour until my next appointment. So many shades, so little time!

Even though I love changing my nail polish, I still have such a crush on gel manicures. But who says you can’t have it all? Behold, the miracle solution that landed on my desk – the latest innovation by essie, a thick formula that provides a glossy nail finish throughout, without UV light! Apply a topcoat over your favourite colour, let it dry… and enjoy!

Pro nails at an affordable price? essie, quite simply, you rock.

Gel setter by essie, $11.99, pharmacies and select retailers.

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