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I don’t know about you, but I don’t really like pet products that are sold in chain stores, and even sometimes the ones in specialized boutiques. I’m not referring to food, but rather to accessories like bowls and toys. They’re often tacky, with colours that are way too bright. That’s why when I discovered Animalove, a boutique whose mission is to create beautiful objects for pets using nice materials, I fell in love on the spot.


Photo: Facebook @Animalove

I had trouble choosing a favourite product, because I love them all. But since I have two kittens at home, a scratch post was a must-have. The cardboard ones on the market often aren’t very high quality, and definitely don’t blend in with my home décor. Here, there are scratch posts available in several colours, just like all the products in the store, by the way, and a larger size is also offered.

The boutique’s owner makes all these wonderful objects herself. On top of being so visually lovely, buying them also helps out a local company. Pure joy! So run, don’t walk, to her Etsy shop to see everything she has to offer. You can also check out her Facebook page: you’ll find additional products and locations there.

Animalove Cat Scratcher, $30 online.

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