Get Your Matcha On! –

Get Your Matcha On!


MATCHA_INTERNALThis past winter, I swapped my morning cup of coffee for tea. Progress was smooth–no major crises or headaches–especially after visiting the DavidsTea Matcha Shop, of course! What is matcha, you may ask? It is the “it” drink right now, an ancient ritual that has resurfaced thanks to the beverage’s energizing properties and benefits towards concentration. This green powder can easily be added to smoothies, but can also be frothed when added to water. And that’s how I enjoyed my matcha, in the travel mug that boasts both a frother and tea infuser; and it has never left my side since!

DavidsTea The Matcha Maker ($35), Vanilla Matcha ($8), and The Perfect Matcha Spoon ($5).

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