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2d11af4f-926f-4ed8-8d15-3ed057da84cd_1.1d13b4b440afaf8c08b3aa522817fb4dTazo describes its Green Ginger tea as “a dazzling blend with sweet, spicy ginger & a touch of pear essence”, and further describes it as “its yin is smooth green tea, its yang is spicy ginger root. And to make it more interesting, there’s a touch of pear essence we add for a fragrant finish. We call that part “yow”.”

Whatever Tazo is doing with this blend, they are doing it right. It is a really nice tea that is smooth, tasty & satisfying. It is not harsh like a green tea can be nor is it too “fruity” or too “gingery”. I taste a mild ginger flavor but not a strong pear flavor at all.

Select Tazo teas are available at select grocery stores and pharmacies, as well as select Starbucks locations.

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