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The T-fal OptiGrill can do way more than press a panini. Those who don’t have a BBQ at home will be delighted to be able to enjoy a grill that provides similar cooking indoors. Plus, fans of the skillet can trade in the spoonful of butter or few drops of oil they usually use for… nothing at all! On the menu nonetheless: savoury, healthy, perfectly grilled food. This little machine has cooking options for poultry, fish, red meat, sandwiches, and more, giving you the possibility to cook pretty much anything food you love to perfection. It plugs in and can be stored a cupboard; plus, the grilling plates are so easy to clean. We had already put it in our gift suggestions before the holidays, but we wanted to feature it one more time since we’re focussing on health this month. This super grill gets the green light!

T-fal Opti-Grill, $259.99 at Canadian Tire and Walmart.

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