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Homemade Pasta


Pastas are a huge part of my life – especially since I fell in love with an Italian… We eat pasta at least three times a week, and, although there are various recipes and ways of cooking pasta, nothing beats a bowl of homemade ones. I had never thought that a pasta maker could make me so happy (priorities change when you reach your thirties!), but here I am, presenting to you my new favourite tool to use in the kitchen.


The Philips pasta maker is super easy to use, and makes pasta in just a few minutes. Raviolis, fettuccine, penne – anything! No more long sessions of making these by hand. Even my mother-in-law approved of this machine. To get it for yourself or as a gift for someone else, it will change your life!

Philips Pasta Maker, 299.99 $ at Williams-Sonoma.


Pssst. Try ma favorite recipe: sage infused raviolis with ricotta stuffing and kale, all in a brown butter sauce and walnut!

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