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With just a few days left before Rio 2016, everyone—from athletes and coaches, to spectators at home—is getting ready to watch the Games. I always find it inspiring to watch athletes from different countries compete together on the most prestigious stage, in front of the entire world. I don’t know about you, but it also usually inspires me to get out there, and work hard at everything I do—including working out.

To mark the 31st Olympics, Oakley (who, by the way is the official high performance optical supplier to the Canadian Olympic Team) has released a special Green Fade collection of glasses as a nod to the brand’s first high-performance product launched in the ‘80s, which was a vibrant shade of green. Specially designed for world-class athletes, the hand-painted glasses are outfitted with cutting edge Prizm lenses developed to help the person wearing them see colours with extreme precision and give their best performance.Oakley-Frogskins-Green-Fade-sizedI was lucky enough to take the Frogskins model for a spin, er, run. The glasses have a cute retro look that really stands out in the Green Fade hue; they’re super lightweight and I love how they make colours look more saturated, without necessarily changing the them. Perfect for everything from a morning jog to an afternoon in-line skating session in the park. They instantly became a summer workout staple for me, and now I’m looking forward to watching the Olympics even more. Look out for the different models on your favourite athletes!

Oakley Frogskins Green Fade Edition Sunglasses with Prizm Daily Polarized Lenses, $215 at

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