It’s In The Box!



The festive season is approaching quickly and you are starting to stress out just thinking about all the Christmas shopping you have to do? Even worse, you are wondering how and when you will find everything you need to welcome friends and family at home? What follows might be what you’re looking for!

Charming decorations straight out of our Pinterest feeds, candles, placemats and other essentials will help your house become the most welcoming place, in a chic and glamourous way (because no one likes white paper plates!). TJ Parties in the box, a key concept that will help you celebrate any event will take care of everything… or almost! All you need to do is take care of the menu. Not bad. It’s super easy and effective; online, you choose the box (it contains what you need for a 10 attendees event) that is right for your type of event, and you wait for the mailman!

Key in hand box by TJ Parties in the box, between $120 and $160 online.

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