Kaweco Classic Sport Pencil


kawecobueThe sporty and compact look of these mechanical pencils transcend fashion time. These Kaweco mechanical pencils are amazing and made with the most quality.

Each plastic pencil body features a top knock button that dispenses lead with every click. The German-made pencils reveal a Kaweco metal logo on the top of the button. Cap removes to expose lead tube, allowing you to insert refill lead pieces.

I’ve had my pencil for a year and I can safely say that I can no longer go back to regular pencils. The Kaweco lead pencil allows for a more precise and clean writing. The length of the pencil is small so it can be held firmly and fit anywhere. I recommend refilling with no more than 3 lead pieces to avoid lead stacking.

Kaweco Classic Sport Mechanical Pencil from Amazon.ca for 24.02.

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