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There are those who enjoy drinking the same coffee every morning. Then there are the mavericks, those who rejoice over the arrival of a new Nespresso Grand Cru. We fall into this latter category, eagerly and without hesitation saying “yes” to the new and limited edition Monsoon Malabar. Coffee capsules whose grains were exposed to monsoon-heavy winds in ventilated warehouses off the coast of Malabar, India, recreating the same conditions when coffee was transported by boat in the 18th century. After up to 3 months of this process, which allows grains to absorb moisture, this powerful grind with woody notes is delivered to homes everywhere. This makes for a full-bodied brew with a velvety texture (Level 8, for the initiated). So, did we stock up? Of course!

Nespresso Monsoon Malabar Grand Cru, $8.50 (10 capsules) in boutiques and online.

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