Nishi Pearls for new beginnings –

Nishi Pearls for new beginnings


Looking for a meaningful gift for a meaningful person this year? Look past chocolate and miscellaneous stocking stuffers. Instead, why not opt for something that will be beneficial for more than one person?

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Nishi means ‘growing stronger’, while the pearls signify new starts. The Nishi Pearls bracelet, a limited edition piece, was conceived to encourage and empower women. Each pearl is selected and manipulated carefully, dangling around a stunning colorful bracelet. 100% of the profits will go towards financing newly-immigrated women’s education and training, helping them earn valuable work experiences which will help them in the long run.

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This bracelet illustrates what we can do as a community, and how little things can help a lot in the long run. Help them reach the goal by the end of the year right here. Happy Holidays!

Nishi Pearls Bracelet, $39.95 online.



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