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Obsession of the Day: Terraniums



That’s it: Pinterest has managed to (once again) bring about a new obsession. Geometric terrariums. You know, those gorgeous glass structures that are used to create a micro-climate for your favourite plants? While doing some research on small-space interior décor, I discovered Terrarium Obsessarium. (Quite the a propos name, wouldn’t you agree?) Handmade and available through order only, here’s the perfect balance of beautiful greenery without all that maintenance. And as for a cool little extra? An additional $10 also grants you potting soil and a plant to grow inside the terranium, be it a cactus or a succulent plant.

Terrarium Obsessarium Dodecahedron (15 x 15 x 25cm), $70 online.

Coming down with indoor garden fever? Here are a few ways to get inspired!

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