Oh Vitamix!


That’s it, it’s pure happiness at home. I (finally) got my hands on a Vitamix! I’ve been talking about it for a while, and my friends have been praising its benefits for a few years too. The reason? The Vitamix does pretty much everything, in addition to being ultra-efficient and easy to use. I use it mainly to make smoothies in the morning, but there is so much more to do! It allows me to create sauces, soups, and even homemade almond milk. The device is known for its vast repertoire of features, thus representing the dream item for any foodie or lover of food. The new moms use it a lot to create baby food easily, and it is said that it’s even possible to make a cake (a cake!), something I have not yet tested. Certainly, I will create more content about my favorite recipes made with my E310 Vitamix for the Explorian collection, and by then I hope I have inspired you a little – and shared my joy about his new addition to my kitchen!

Starting from $499.95 in stores.

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