Powerful Skin Allies for Day and Night



OPTIMERA_INTERNALWhen it comes to skincare, everyone has issues they are concerned with, from adult acne to sensitive skin. But there is one issue that seems universal: fighting signs of ageing. Choosing a day and night cream with the right ingredients is key to keeping your skin looking its best… but if you don’t love the texture, smell, and feeling after you apply a product, there is a high chance you won’t use it as much as you should to reap its full benefits.

That’s where these two creams from Nerium got me. The bottles contain powerful ingredients that both protect and repair the skin, like SIG-1273, an intelligent molecule that boosts the skin’s ability to fight oxidative stress, and SAL-14, a botanical blend that repairs and moisturizes; but they also feel great when you put them on. The day cream is super lightweight, and absorbs quickly into the skin. The night cream feels a little thicker, which makes me feel like my skin is being pampered while I sleep. Both come in a pump bottle that ensures no bacteria gets inside the product. Simple and effective: and my skin looks and feels flawless.

Nerium Age-Defying Optimera Formula Day & Night Combo Pack, $188, mynerium.com

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