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Ready for Anything

The launch of a new deodorant stick can easily get upstaged by that of a new perfume or lipstick. But not when you’re in New York for said launch, discovering this new product via Katherine Bakes, serious but super-approachable scientist. After explaining how unpredictable daily events can make us sweat—even more so than when playing sports—she presented us with this new find.In addition to reducing sweat and fighting bacteria that cause odors, this deodorant releases a scent that helps stop these, even before they appear. That said, we definitely had the opportunity to get a hands-on understanding of how this formula works: we were given a piece carton coated with the deodorant and when some water was poured onto the surface, upon contact, it released the lovely fragrance. Simple as that! And upon trying it for ourselves on our skin, we found that it dried quickly, and left zero white residue behind.

Secret Clinical Smooth Solid with Olay Beauty Deodorant, $3.49 at pharmacies and mass retailers.

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