Reduce your Blemishes!


cleanance-expertI have been breaking out lately due to stress but it’s starting to clear up. My skin was totally saved by the Avene Clearance Expert.

It’s so much than just a moisturizer, Clearance Expert acts on the main causes of spots. This product regulates the production of oil to mattify the skin, and gently exfoliates without stripping the skin, unclogs pores and leave the skin soft and smooth. By using it in the morning, and again in the evening if your skin is very oily, you’ll have a refreshed appearance. Your acne will visibly be reduced and your skin will look so much more plump.

Also, if your skin is dry don’t worry, this works equally well for you. My skin is super dry especially during the colder months but this has worked wonders on dry patches.

You can buy the Avene Clearance Expert at your local pharmacy and online for around $28.50.


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