Smells Like the Holidays –

Smells Like the Holidays

Sparkling Spruce, Apple Cinnamon Cheer, Pure Vanilla Joy, and Frosted Berry Kiss… Don’t these aromas sound heavenly? The latter seasonal scents make up the new Glade Wax Melts Winter Collection, recently landed in stores just in time for the holidays. One cube of pressed wax (not poured)—dry to the touch—placed atop Glade’s elegant electric table-top warming dish is all that’s needed to imbue your home with the scents of the festive season. And what we love most is how the smell lingers on long after we’ve turned the warmer off, engulfing the entire room with fresh, wintry aromas. Because pleasant scents help create positive and happy memories, we’ll stack up on these fragrant melts to add even more cheer to the festivities this holiday season.

Glade Wax Warmer, $12.49

Glade Wax Holiday Collection Refills, $4.99 (pack of 12).

Available at most grocery stores and mass retailers.

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