Soft and Chewy


LANCASTER_INTERNALWe’ll be honest: at HQ, we love to eat. So when there is an opportunity to indulge in a snack, we’ll go for it! Recently, when a few bags of Lancaster chewy caramels landed on our desk, well, we won’t lie: we dove right in. One or two after lunch, and a handful to keep on-hand during a meeting… these sweets truly went fast. But can you blame us? Soft and chewy caramels are hard resist, especially when they’re inspired by the same candies that were first made by Milton Hershey over 120 years ago. We love tradition, after all. The caramels also come in a swirled vanilla version, so be sure to keep a bunch stocked up for guests at home. Or stashed in your deskside drawer for your own consumption. Whichever works for you best!

Lancaster Soft Caramels, $2.79 (130g) at major grocery and mass retail stores.

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