Some Low-Cal Snacking –

Some Low-Cal Snacking


Here at HQ, many of us have a sweet tooth,

and not a week goes by without one of us falling into a new vice for our taste buds. Whether it’s a new flavour of chips or a box of something chocolatey, nothing is beyond our interest—and guilt sometimes tends to win. But what a treat (literally!) it was to discover recently discover a few new low-calories treats from Kellogg’s. These include the new Salt & Vinegar Cracker Chips, as well as the Cookies & Crème Pastry Crisps, a real treat at only 100 calories!  And, for those mornings when time is short, we keep a few Protein Shakes in the fridge, offering a boost of energy and satiating our hunger. Thanks, Kellogg’s, for making our lives a bit easier… without destabilizing our scales!

Starting at $3.49 at select grocery stores.

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