The Comfiest Night Sleep


Eddie-Bauer-Luxury-Euro-230-count-Sham-Stuffers-Set-of-2-6a3b402c-1426-40d0-b180-30eb0204913e_600I was looking for a very soft down pillow as an “extra” pillow, not as the main head support, however I may have to consider using this as my main pillow from now on. I’m not too overly critical on what I sleep on, however this one in particular is very soft, definitely down filled. It wound up being a little more full than what I was looking for, however for the price point and comfort, I know it will last me a very long time. The pillow molds to my head but I don’t sink down all the way. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for an inexpensive down pillow!

The Eddie Bauer Premium Down Pillow, $99

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