The Essential Summer Companion



You can’t spend summer without sunglasses, so I gave myself the mission of finding the perfect pair of frames. This is the first time I decided to invest in a quality pair (yes, I knowww), so I realize there are a lot of options! As I was looking for a long-term pair of glasses without having to pay an exuberant price for a brand, I started leaning towards BonLook. This site is full of models, each one more beautiful than the last, but at a super affordable price. And they don’t exclusively carry sunglasses – they offer prescription frames as well! I was torn between a variety of styles, but eventually I decided to go for the Sun Bis ones, (basically just a tinted version of Bis glasses) in Ebony Granite. They’re simple, but the subtle tortoiseshell tint gives them a slightly ladlylike aspect that I particularly like. And I absolutely need them to go with everything, so this is the perfect match. If your style is a bit more extravagant, the site also offers a variety of colourful frames!

Sun Bis sunglasses at BonLook, $99 online.

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