The Naturiste will help you survive Winter! –

The Naturiste will help you survive Winter!


Winter can sometimes be hard on the body and the mind with the lack of sun and many other factors. You must take care of yourself, but it can be difficult when you don’t know where to start. A cortisol drop program is good for surviving Winter and even getting ready to be in shape for this Summer. Cortisol is the stress hormone. The more we neglect ourselves and are stressed out, the more we produce this hormone, and it becomes a vicious circle. So we decided to work with the Naturiste to help us overcome this cold season.

Sleep is very important for your health and your mood, that’s why we decided to test a product like the Cervalin, which is an off button for your brain; it calms your brain and helps you sleep. This product is a miracle for people who are not able to stop thinking when lying down. Several other products are needed to complete this cortisol drop program. The other products will work on your energy, balance, serenity and control. We love the products of the Naturiste for the following reason: we can find everything we need to regain control over our physical and mental health, because taking care of yourself is essential!

Contest Alert!

With the help of the Naturiste, we offer you the chance to win a gift package that contains 5 products for a cortisol drop program. The package contains the following products:

  • Cervalin: relaxation (off button)
  • Super Omega-3s:  balance (safety net)
  • Rhodiola: serenity (the sunrise)
  • Vegan-Source Greens: energy (the battery charger)
  • Perdi-Slim: the control (the Coach)

To participate, you must tell us which product you want to try the most in the comments below. Contest closes February 27 and is open to all Canadian residents.

Good luck to everyone!

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