Treasure From the Sea



Once again, Lush has surprised me! Even after their cleansing charcoal bar and dozens of bath bombs that successfully make bath time a multi-sensory experience,  I find myself giving a standing ovation to their their sea-salt based shampoo.

It’s basically raining hair products that promise a multitude of benefits that are associated with certain all-natural ingredients. But how many of them actually go beyond the chemical and synthetic products? Ah-ha!

Made with over 50% sea salt that has been drenched in precious minerals and fresh citrus juice, the smell is simply intoxicating! Think margaritas and your feet in the sand… mmmm! If you’re worried about the salt drying out your hair, just know that for incredibly effective dirt removal all you need is an amount the size of a hazlenut (it foams, I promise!) to gently clean your locks without removing any natural oils. Plus, they added coconut oil and avocado butter to provide extra hydration.

The verdict? My hair is lighter and silkier without having to sacrafice volume. Amazing! For instant beautiful, beachy waves I just spray on some sea-salt hairspray and bam – instant mermaid hair!

This is an emergency buy!

Big shampoo by Lush, $26.95 in stores and online

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