Viva la Juicy Glacé from Juicy Couture


Choosing a perfume is as important as choosing an accessory to complete your look.

Juicy Couture’s new Viva La Juicy Glacé is a blend of tangerines, vanilla and a light scent of ice-cold sherbet. The packaging follows the same look as the other fragrances of the same range, but this one is true to is name as the glacé indicates the bottle has a frosty effect as if it had spent some time in the cold. The reason we love this perfume is that its smell is feminine, sweet and delicious everything that would make you want to wear it.

Contest over- thanks for you participation!

We offer you the chance to win the Viva La Juicy Glacé perfume from Juicy Couture.To participate tell us which ice cream flavor is your favorite in the comments below . The contest will end February 2 and is open to all Canadian residents.

Good luck to everyone!

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