We love: Personnelle Holiday Collection + CONTEST

Every year during the holidays, I am tempted to try a slightly more festive look, and I usually dare something different with my makeup. That’s why I fell in love with the new Personnelle holiday makeup collection.

I love gold, wether it’s on me or for my decoration, so I am obsessed with the glitter body powder that you can apply on the neckline or in your hair to add a bit of glam. I also love the Bronze eye palette, which offers warm tones that are easy to wear.

We wanted to let you try the look as well, so Personnelle and divine.ca offers you the chance to win my personal favorites from their holiday collection! The prize includes: the Bronze eye palette, the gold glittering powder, the pink lipstick as well as the golden eye mascara and liner! To participate, tell us what date is the most important for you when you celebrate the holidays (for me, it’s December 24th!)


The contest ends on December 20, 2017. Good luck to all of you!

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