We Put the New Younique Mascara to the Test!

You know those mascaras: the ones that promise does eyes and extravagantly long lashes, enough to even replace your go-to fake lashes. Not many follow through, so we knew we had to get our hands on a box of 3D Fiber Lashes and see what it had to offer. What lay inside were two tubes of mascaras; two tubes as part of a three-step application process.

First, we apply any mascara of our choice; this is an optional step, simply to add colour to your lashes. Then, we move over to tube #1, the larger one labelled Transplanting Gel. This immediately adds the desired volumizing effect, thanks to its blend of collagen and water, extending the eyelashes. We then move on to the second tube, named Natural Fibers. Unusually, it is made of small particles of natural fibers—certainly a far cry from our typical gummy mascara formulas! So we brush our lashes again, and this is where the magic happens: these fibers stick to our collagen-coated, and we’re then left with an even more dramatic look. Complete it with a second layer of the gel and, ta-da! You’re looking like Twiggy!

The result is actually rather impressive, amounting to a faux-lash look, like the ones you can pick up at the drugstore. Personally, however, being born with naturally-long lashes, the difference is less striking. And we don’t like the lumpy effect that comes with wearing so many layers. However, those who adore new beauty finds, or who dream of never-ending lashes, should definitely give this new mascara a shot.

Younique 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara, $35 online.

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