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What’s in Your Planter?



Outdoor décor starts with plants, which breathe much-needed life into it. We fell head over heels for these beauties from President’s Choice. Among the ones we treated ourselves to this season, there’s this strawberry-mint seedling that just makes us want to whip up some funky cocktails and also a goji berry one, that healthy fruit we’re not accustomed to growing. And finally, since tomatoes are a must, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention the Blush Tiger variety. Its delicate yellow fruit, embellished with orangey stripes is a natural beauty! Just a few little wonders for your garden or planter boxes, big and small.

PC Fine Herb Strawberry-Mint, Goji Berry and Blush Tiger Tomato Seedlings, $3.99, $14.99 et $6.99 at select Loblaws locations.

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