When Fashion and Humour Meet


“To each their own pocket.” – Poches & Fils slogan


Photo: Poches & Fils

It’s been awhile since I’ve seen their shirts on my newsfeed, but I have to admit that they’ve really captured my attention. The concept is simple: a basic shirt with a customizable pocket. There are a variety of different pockets, and you can choose from three different tshirt cuts, and an even larger selection of colours. They have shirts for men and women, but there’s also a line for children!


Photo: Poches & Fils

Poche & Fils is based in Montreal, but what really makes them stand out is their sense of humour. The founders of the company don’t take themselves seriously, and this is probably what makes them successful. They know it’s not easy to get started in business, and they’ve found the key to success. For my part, I must confess I’m crushing on the pineapple pocket, which is totally trending right now! Search the #pochesetfils hashtag on Instagram to check out their best looks!

Poches & Fils shirts, $29.99, online.

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