Your At-Home Gel Manicure





Ever gone to get a gel manicure at a salon, then get out $40, even $50 short if you add in a pedicure? Us too. That’s why we’re excited we’ve discovered the Le Mini Macaron at-home gel manicure collection. Each kit includes an LED lamp with USB cord and power charger, one bottle of gel polish in a matching color, as well as a cuticle stick, mini nail file, and 10 remover pads. The best part of this kit is that the gel polish is a 3-in-1 formula combines base coat, color and top coat all in 1 bottle. This saves you the hassle of going in with three different bottles and three different steps. It’s definitely a thicker formula than your average nail polish and takes some getting used to, but it’s extremely easy to apply with some practice! As someone who regularly goes to the salon instead of doing my own nails, this is a must-have for any nail lover!

You can purchase any Le Mini Macaron kit and accessories exclusively at Hudson’s Bay as of November 2016, and each kit retails for $45. 

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